Eric Hopkins: Above And Beyond by Carl Little

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Whether throwing hot glass from the fourth floor window or sweeping his brush across blank canvas to capture the curve of the earth, Hopkins is an American action artist. The world spins; he paints and performs; we look on in wonder.

From his earliest work with glass to the stunning aerial panoramas of Maine islands that have gained him far-reaching fame, Eric Hopkins has consistently explored boundaries -- of medium, of space, of vision. Nurtured on North Haven Island, Hopkins attended the Rhode Island School of Design and the Montserrat College of Art and taught at the Haystack School of Crafts; an important mentor along the way was glass master Dale Chihuly. Taking to the air in the early 1980s, he developed those signature views coveted by collectors: energized renderings of coastal motifs, in which horizons bend and an archipelago of spruce-topped isles spreads across the canvas. Eric Hopkins: Above and Beyond is the first book to present a wide range of the breathtaking work of an eminent American artist.

Written by Carl Little
144 pages, hardcover